Hanover-Horton School District
Requirements & Policies

Thank you for choosing Hanover-Horton School District. We hope you find this process of enrollment convenient and easy.

If you are resident of our school district, please continue with the process explained below. If you are not a resident of our school district, please discontinue this process and call the school you wish to enroll in and inquire as to what you need to do to become a school of choice student.

Be sure to fill out the application as accurately and completely as possible. There are a few fields and documents that are marked with an asterisk (*) and are required. Once your application is completed, save and print.

Each application will have various documents that need to be downloaded, printed and completed. Once all of the required documentations are completed, please bring the printed application and the required documentations with you when you come to the school.

In addition to the required application and completed documents, you will also be required to bring with you:

  • Official Certified Birth Certificate (not a copy, it will be returned to you)
  • Immunization Records
  • Transcript (High School only)

Please feel free to call the school office for assistance.